Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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  • Tomasz Kawec: Hey - Today the final WTCC round will be at the normal IRG server ... unless it doesn't work! see you on track!
  • Adz1200: Hi Force, great racing tonight !
  • [Force]: Hello
  • Adz1200:  Happy Cheers Tom.
  • Tom Ilsbroux: rFactor2 server is updated to the latest build
  • [smigiel]: Tom PM-thank You
  • LuuuuuKaS: thx Adam 4 answer, i have to download mod and track and try on server
  • Adz1200: Hey Lukasz, we will run on Sunday nights following the end of the WTCC although we do intend to take part in the next DTM series (if that's what IRG are planning) so it would be worked into the calendar to suit that. Meanwhile we would like to run short race sessions for practice through the week, you would be most welcome, even just for some fun through the week if you are too busy.
  • LuuuuuKaS: Hi Adam! What days will be V8 racing ?
  • Adz1200: Nice one Barry  Smiley

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