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  • trebor69: Mrs just gone on holiday with her mum so if anybody around this w/end or evenings this week give me a shout. Adz do you want to do a VR test race on something?
  • Adz1200: I will do m8, rig is dismantled due to my house resembling a building site but I should have it all set up soon after the 20th I hope. I'll give you a shout Rob Smiley
  • trebor69: Let me know when you get it Adz and we can do some testing
  • trebor69: yeah brill, nice one Adz
  • Adz1200: I'll post my thoughts once I have tried P cars in the VR world ! Wink
  • Adz1200: CV1 pre order paid, 20th September can't come quick enough !!!
  • Adz1200: Good review there Rob, I aim to get one soon !! Yeah some updates for AC and AM, I need to give AC a chance, it is looking better all the time.
  • trebor69: VR Oculus review «link»
  • trebor69: Wow, lots going on with Assetto and automobilista updates - where is everybody - anybody hereHuh?
  • trebor69: Just ordered F1 2016 on and it was instant and pre-loading now, quite a bit cheaper than Steam (£39.99) at £26.99.

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This is one race you have to watch. See how our guys secured the STC title. We can be proud about this.


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Flatout Presents the new logo we are going to use in the STC Black Cup season. Designed by Mike Simian.

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