Tuesday, August 11, 2020

enna_pergusa.jpgWhen: Saturday the 21st of April 

Track: Enna Pergusa (2003) 

Cars:  Chevrolet Corvette Excelsior 

Distance: 2 races of 45 minutes each

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When: Saturday the 21st of April Time: session start 7pm (GMT+1), with 20 minutes practice followed by 20 minutes qualifying, 5 minutes warm up, then race start at 7:45pm.

Second race to follow right after this one but with no practice session but with the same 20 minute qualifying.

Track: Enna Pergusa (2003) Cars: Chevrolet Corvette Excelsior

Distance: 2 races of 45 minutes each and with each driver changing tyres for each race. So can each team please arrange prior to the race which tyres they each plan to start the event with. (one Dunlop and one Michelin per team per race)

Tyres & fuel: x 2

Mech damage: timescaled

Race start time: 11am (in game setting)

Teamspeak server : TBA


There is a new sign in process so please read the full information in the forum. 

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