Tuesday, August 11, 2020
brno2.jpgWhen: Friday the 27th of April 

Track: BRNO (2003) 

Cars:   2003 NGT

Distance: 90 minutes or 46 laps

Important sign up instructions can now be found in the forum: Here


FO carpack v2.4 (released 22/04/07) will be required for this race.




When: Friday the 27th of April

Time: session start 7pm (GMT+1), with 25 minutes practice followed by 30 minutes qualifying,
5 minutes warm up, then race start at 8:00pm.
Track: BRNO (2003)

Cars:  2003 NGT

Distance: 90 minutes or 46 laps (whichever is completed first)
Tyres & fuel: x 2

Mech damage: timescaled

Race start time: 11am (in game setting)


Current weights for round 7:

[FO]Testdriver@Belgium: 5kg
[FO]IRW76: 5kg
[FO]Rookiemaster: 35kg
[FO]Trebor69: 10kg
GTR Racer: 20KG
ExviterminPT: 10kg

[FO]Original Nutta: 30kg (50kg car change - 20kg last result)

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