Thursday, January 21, 2021

When: Friday the 4th of May

Track: Monza GP 2003

Cars: 2003/2004 GT

Length: 90 minutes or 43 laps

More information can be found here: Here 

Session start at 7pm (GMT+1) 7.30pm (GMT + 1) with a 30 minute practice session followed by 25 min qualify, 5 min warm up, then starting the race at 8.00pm (GMT+1) 8.30pm (GMT + 1). Request from ExviterminiPT to delay the race start by 30 mins. So if there are no objections by anyone then the start will be delayed by 30 minutes.

Last chance to sign up guys if you want to race then let us know ASAP 


please use the above link and follow the instructions for the sign in process.

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