Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Chrysler Viper GTS-R (611BHP / Dunlop tyers)

When: Friday 16th of March

Track: Barcelona GP 2003

Length: 90 minutes






OK guys time to sign up for the next race.
Something a bit different this time guys, since non of us use the Vipers then they should make the ideal car for a challenge race.

Cars type: Viper GT only, all cars fitted with dunlop tyres and have the 611 HP engine (car pack to follow)

Date: Friday the 16th of March (guys we have tried two Saturday races and had no problems with lag so we will try a Friday race again to see how it compares).

Track: Barcelona GP
Distance: 1.5 hours
Tyres & fuel: x 2
Mech damage: timescaled
Weather: possibilty of rain*
Race start time: 11am (in game setting)
ventrillo server : blootoon.no-ip.org

Session start at 7:00pm with a 30 minute practice session followed by 25 min qualify, 5 min warm up (smoke time for Trebor) then starting the race at 8.00pm
If the above time is unsuitable then please let us know sooner rather than later.

* We need to test this track with some wet weather so guys can you all make a point of turning up to at least one of the practice sessions between now and Tuesday night, and if anyone finds that their system cannot handle the weather then we will have a dry race only.
If anyone else has any preference to which paint job they want then let me know asap as I need to get the car pack released quickly, you can choose from whatever viper is in the game and i will edit the files so that it uses the correct engine/tyres.

Update: 12/03/07 car pack has been updated with the dunlop shod Vipers, also added some new drivers cars and updated the weights.
If you have not yet picked a car then please just use one of the spare ones as they are all equal having the same tyres and engines, only the paintwork differs.

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