Monday, January 25, 2021
flyer.jpgGT Round 12  : Oschersleben GP 2003

Date: Saturday the 14th of July

Race length: 1.5 hours or 68 laps, whichever is completed first

More details and sign up instructions HERE


Current weights for round 12:
[FO]RookieMaster: 90kg
[FO]All-Fooked-Up: 90kg
[FO]Wheely: 60kg  
[FO]Yellowninja02: 60kg
[FO]Testdriver@belgium: 40kg
[FO]IRW76: 40kg
GTR Racer: 40kg
Kaj R Willumsen: 30kg
ExviterminPT: 20kg       
rugio21: 10kg

[FO]Phe259: 60kg car change penalty
 car change penalty
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