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  • Dice: I believe that card is from around the same time as my 7990. Thank you though the gesture is much appreciated
  • Dice: Hi Iain,
  • Iain Wilton: Hi Will, all I have collecting dust is a GeForce 780ti I think it is
  • Iain Wilton: Hi Will, all I have collecting dust is a GeForce 780ti I think it is
  • Dice: Heys guys, anyone have an old but newer than my 7990 GPU laying around. My dinosaur pc is on its knees even with everything on low
  • Squidwert:  Driving
  • Greybrad: I'm ok with any of these AC, ACC, pCars, pCars2,rFactor2, it's just time i'm short of. I would only know if i could race, about 20 minutes before the race start.
  • Squidwert: Yes Nut
  • Original Nut: So are you talking assetto corsa competzione?
  • Squidwert: I race on ACC mostly Horus. I think its the best sim at the mo. But the lack of content does let it down and the public servers can be a mess.

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Ben Tusting gave Gameracer FlatOut Club their first win in STC competition at a sunny Most. Tusting, who started 2nd behind poleman Jesper Taulborg (FCR), was right on the tail of the FCR driver after the green flag and passed him already into turn three. From there on he never looked back and won the race by 20 seconds, setting the fastest race lap in the progress.

Göran Johansson had a great race for Gubbklubben and finished in 2nd after battleing Taulborg in the early stages and FOR's Kevin Clark in the last stint. Taulborg managed 3rd in the end and brought home another good result for Flying Canadian Racing.

Kevin Clark finished in 4th after beeing 2nd for almost the whole race until his tyres went off, ahead of a close fight between Kelvin van der Linde (FCR) and Daniel Beck (Gubbklubben) for 5th and 6th. It was close between Jakob de Boer (FDR) and Rami Kaukola (RPM) aswell for 7th and 8th. de Boer made a mistake at the start, lost ground and had to battle his way up the feild. So did Kaukola as he came from 13th on the grid after a mistake in qualifying. The Black Rebels driver Chris Jacque finished inside the top ten in 9th ahead of Hannu Karesola (RPM).

Source :  Andreas Hultgren /

Category: Old Newsflashes

FOR scores a 1 & 2 after dominating the race. Mike Simian got pole and Mikko Korkiakoski place 3. After an incident in at the start Mike had to fight his way back, while Mikko alread had moved into the lead. It didn't took Mike long to get behind Mikko and they both speeded of in the distances swapping places after Mikko's pitstop took just abit longer. They where denied of a formation finish after the race was red flagged for connection problems hitting half the field.

Category: Old Newsflashes

Mikko Korkiakoski took his second win this Blue Cup for Gameracer FlatOut Racing when he went on to win at Trios-Rivieres in tricky conditions. He didn't start from pole but already in turn one he and pole sitter Jesper Taulborg (Flying Canadian Racing), last race winner, looked to be touching. Taulborg went wide and hit the barriers and got hit by several cars, one of them being Korkiakoski. The Finn lost some places but fought his way back up to 1st place and held it to the line.

Flying Dutchman Racing had another great run as Marijn vam Bommel got another podium for the team trailing Korkiakoski by only 1.5 seconds. A further 20 seconds behind finished Tyler Scurlock in the second FCR car. Best RPM driver of the evening was Rami Kaukola with his 4th place finis.

Adam Shaw in the other FOR Doran came home in 5th with Jakob de Boer (FDR) close behind in 6th. Dariusz Swiderski (TBR) and Christopher Aponte (RPM) was another duo that had a close fight to the line. The TBR driver won that battle by just over a second. Corse Online's Alessio Lucchesi and Göran Johansson from Gubbklubben rounded off top 10

Source :  Andreas Hultgren /

Category: Old Newsflashes

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