Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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Latest Message: 2 days, 13 hours ago
  • Adz1200: Hey dudes !! Lets get it on |!! Afro
  • Dice: will check in on here more often if there's peeps about. Whats everyone racing these days?
  • Dice: just dusted off my wheel after several years away
  • David Clark: Hello Guys Smiley just popped in on the off chance some peeps were still around? I am busy the next few weeks with work & holiday but after that i am thinking about dusting the wheel off. Is anyone still racing?
  • Squidwert: not raced in a while Will are you setting anything up
  • Risto Kappet: Yes
  • Dice: anybody still race here?
  • trebor69: Mrs just gone on holiday with her mum so if anybody around this w/end or evenings this week give me a shout. Adz do you want to do a VR test race on something?
  • Adz1200: I will do m8, rig is dismantled due to my house resembling a building site but I should have it all set up soon after the 20th I hope. I'll give you a shout Rob Smiley
  • trebor69: Let me know when you get it Adz and we can do some testing

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