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F1 71

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Jarama Afterthoughts

Jarama Afterthoughts

Postby Ken Bell » 03 Oct 2010, 21:06

Congrats to Iain for winning the race, and a good race for most. Risto and Barry came out the game due to damage, so sorry and bad luck guys. Very frustrating when you put in so much and then crash out.

For me, I got my setup from Risto and it suited me perfectly. It was sliding in the corners and I put in a lot of time to learn how to control them and that was good. I then dropped the front toe-in by 1 degree and what a difference! I had a great setup that I good race well in. Not the fastest though, but controllable. Although I was last, I was happy with my performance apart from 4 laps at the end. I am trying to 'up' my game and believe that this race I have done so even being last.

Lets see what Toban is like Happy3 :punchie:
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Ken Bell
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Re: Jarama Afterthoughts

Postby Adz1200 » 04 Oct 2010, 10:14

Congrats to Iain, nice win m8ty and also to Bevan for a consistent drive and a club win.

Congrats also to Ken, glad to hear you felt it was one of your best races to date, you worked hard m8 and it paid off with a nice finish.

Quali was as good as I had expected in 3rd although not a pb.

Off the line wasn't great and had a battle into and through the first corner with Will, as will tried to save a slide on the outside and I ran out from the inside we met in the middle, sorry there was contact m8 but I didn't stop as i felt it was a racing incident and not 100% my fault, hope it didn't impact your race m8.
Ahead I could see Iain and Risto had an incident and managed to pass Risto and almost Iain, but Iain managed to stay ahead.
Next lap I got taken back by Risto on the outside of the uphill left, I saw you m8 and knowing if I moved on to line I would have taken you out so I gave room, as it happens to much lol !
Next lap I made contact with Risto when I got caught out by a different braking zone to mine, sorry bud, glad it was only me that spun out, as Tom got by I was going backwards and kept the wheel as straight as possible to avoid taking you out m8.
The Fight back passed Ken and Will was fun then I eventually caught Tom and after some fantastic laps together I managed to get passed on the start finish straight.
The rest of the race was all about staying composed and managing tire temps, Will and Tom really pushed me towards the end and if it had been a 90 min race I would have been in real trouble.
With Risto out I finished 2nd, and happy with the 25 points.
Cheers all.
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Re: Jarama Afterthoughts

Postby Bevan Johnson » 04 Oct 2010, 11:00

Well done Iain for the win.

In contrast to Ken's "One of the best races to date", mine was bloody awful. Got in late so only joined with 7 mins of quali left. The car felt rubbish and I failed to even put a time in. So, started last and just waited to see what would unfurl, and after avoiding a few incidents was ahead of Barry and Ken. This is where it all started to go wrong. The car just felt like it was on ice and honestly a bit dangerous (Well, as dangerous as sim racing can be....) Barry caught me up very quickly and I offered no resistance when he went for a pass, as I just wanted to keep myself and everyone else on track. I noticed that Ken was approx 30 secs behind me, so decided to just try and keep that gap till the end and hopefully pick up a class second as I had no hope of catching Barry. So cue an hour of high gear cornering and short shifting with a healthy dose of "getting out of the bloody way" when being lapped.

I was gifted the class win when Barry left his nose cone in the middle of turn 2. Strategic races are very boring, but I am fortunate that Dave, Badge and Nick were not about to race as I am bloody sure I would have only lasted a few laps trying to keep up.

Morale(s) of the story, don't KEEP titting about with setup that doesn't work. Go back to standard and start again. Try and actually turn up in time for some pre race practice. Also, make sure you are comfortable. My pedals riser is home made and the angle from the top of my foot to my shin was far too acute and actually caused my foot to go to sleep near the end. Bonus.

Last night I "adjusted" my pedal riser with a big saw and now it is a million times better..... Happy2
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Bevan Johnson
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Flatout Tech Department
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Re: Jarama Afterthoughts

Postby Risto Kappet » 04 Oct 2010, 11:45

Unlike the last race, where i had lotsa sleep before, was well eaten and able to peform near my limits, this race i ruined myself due to both lack of sleep and hunger. Felt that sleepy and numb feel kick in right before the offical practice and pretty much knew nothing good is coming out of this race.
Quali was awful since i was aiming for 1.17-high but managed a 1.18-high and not-so-far from Iain, and not that it mattered anyway since we were side by side on the grid anyway.
Had a bad start, or more like Iain had a good one, could feel right away that my pace of low 1.19's is not possible, tried to hang with Iain and (sorry) bumped him in the rear since i had my braking spots set by tarmac color changes on the ground, which were not visible due to the car ahead. I think we both picked up damage from there, but fortunatly you kept your lead. Was pretty pissed already at that point, and with a bad attitude and broken car, there can't come anything good. Was scared by the accident for a second, but then got on it for a second as fast as i could, and made a wonderful drift-outside manouver on Adam in that uphill lefthander ( ofcourse so i thought then, actually it was a dumb move, thanks for moving out of the way ) then went in prusuit of Iain, was doing mistakes every lap and was nowhere near my pace, he made a few mistakes, i made a few more serious mistakes, ruined my car even more and was making even more mistakes after while thinking if i should quit or not. I saw our gap freeze, so i decided to go in pit, spend 20seconds repairing the car, and then i could have started doing fast laps and catch on. But apparently i had unbinded my pit-screen setting buttons so i couldnt give the order to fix the car. That had me go crazy and just switched the computer off. Ofcourse i realized how stupid it was the second i gave up, but there really is no worse feeling for me than underpeforming while in a bad physical state, atleast i didnt cause any trouble to you guys staying on the track with a broken mind.
So congrats to finishers and Iain, will certanly not let the pace fall off and will make sure i am in a better state for next race.
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Risto Kappet
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Re: Jarama Afterthoughts

Postby Iain Wilton » 04 Oct 2010, 14:09

Congrats to Adz and Tom for other podium places and Notch for his class win (poor race Notch and still win yr class - sign of a champion Winking004 )

Quali - Was really hoping to get an 18, and seeing Risto at about 18.8 pole was for the taking, but could not hook the last sector up. At one point I was 0.5 up on my 19.1 with 3 minutes left but lost it out of last corner :(

Race - Lucky for me 2nd was on the racing line part of the track, and I got a blinder, so was easily 1st by T1. No worries Risto about the bump (remember though to drive to the other persons braking point and not yr own when close behind someone ;) ) How me and Adz never crashed though as I swear our wheels were overlapping at one point. I had rear suspension damage from the bump and I very nearly came into the pits at the end of L1, but decided to stay out and see how bad it was. Turned out to be the right option. The only part of the track that the damage effected was the last 3 corners, the back was constantly wondering and am sure Risto could tell this when he caught back up. My S1 pace is what saved me as could pull the gap I needed to defend for the rest of the lap. When Risto spun, pressure off, and just relaxed into the race. I did alot of laps in the high 19's so with the damage that was pleasing.

Thanks to Ken and Bevan for moving over, really great mirror work chaps :)
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